GraphQL with React and WordPress

When we talk about a CMS, we see a rise in the interest for headless CMS.
This is because the front-end framework is based on JavaScript, which is the most widely used programming language of the web.
WordPress is one of the most popular CMS, and using React, for the front-end has its own advantages.

According to Google Trends, we see an upward incline for headless in 2015, which is the year public GraphQL specification was developed.
GraphQL has since become an open standard.
Let’s learn how GraphQL can be an important part of what makes WordPress headless CMS with React, an attractive option.

In this meetup, you will learn:

1- Basics of GraphQL
2- Building a React theme using WordPress as headless CMS.
3- Using wp-grapql plugin, that brings the power of GraphQL to WordPress.
4- Fetch data from WordPress, to front-end React application using GraphQL and Apollo Client

– Basic knowledge of JavaScript.

Carry laptops if you would like to code along

Useful Links:
Learn React Basics

Wifi and Coffee – on the house

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