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Convert Your WordPress Site Into PWA And Send Push Notifications

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In this blog you will learn, how we can combine the capabilities of native apps and the reach of the web, to get the best of both worlds, using Progressive Web Apps with WordPress.


Simplest Way To Understand Redux

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Redux is a state management tool for javascript apps. It allows you to share the state between components. Why use Redux? When we have big complicated data for complex applications. Any component can pull any piece of data from the redux store. So data needs to be shared between multiple components Story of a Store<p><a class="codeytek-read-more" href="">Read More</a></p>


Lazy Loading Images in WordPress

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In this blog, I am going tell you the quickest and easiest way to create lazy loading without using any libraries.We are just going to use simpleCSS and JavaScript The Concept We first add the lightweight image URL in the src and srset attributes, and the actual image URL and actual srcset into data-src and data-srcset respectively.On initial page load, on window resize, scroll and<p><a class="codeytek-read-more" href="">Read More</a></p>

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