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Women Who Inspire – Interview with Anna Metelska

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Tell me a little bit about yourself and your work My name is Anna. I am the community manager at Geekle. Currently, I am working on 3 events – React Global Summit, Flutter Global Summit. Vol 2 and Robotics Global Summit. Also, I am a Ph.D. student in political science. Before joining Geekle I tried<p><a class="codeytek-read-more" href="">Read More</a></p>


Dynamically populate a select field’s choices for Custom Post Types— ACF

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Adding the dynamic select field choices in Advanced Custom Fields can be challenging, as ACF does not offer this feature by default. In this blog, we will discuss to do just that. Register a custom field with name ‘post_type_selection’ and field type ‘Select’ Now let’s write the PHP code as described above. Notice that, we<p><a class="codeytek-read-more" href="">Read More</a></p>


Extending Yoast To Add Your Custom Schema With Pieces

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In this blog we will learn about how to extend the Yoast to output our Custom Yoast Schema Pieces. You can get more details about what you fields require in the schema by searching it here Now let’s instantiate the above Review Class Now Check the JSON LD in your single post src, it would<p><a class="codeytek-read-more" href="">Read More</a></p>

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