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Men Who Inspire – Interview Of Andy Turner By Imran Sayed

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Tell me a little bit about yourself and your work Every week I meet with professionals from engineers to dentists who have the same problem – achieving the IELTS score they need. They come from places like the Middle East, Asia, Canada, and even the UK. They all want to emigrate to countries like Australia,<p><a class="codeytek-read-more" href="">Read More</a></p>


Create Custom Post Type Search Result Page In WordPress

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In this blog, we will learn about how to create a custom post-type search result page in WordPress. We need to take the following steps: Create a custom search page template ( {custom-post-type}-search.php ) Load your template using ‘template_include’ filter  Create a custom search form template ( {custom-post-type}-searchform.php ) Step One — Custom Search Page Template Create a<p><a class="codeytek-read-more" href="">Read More</a></p>


Apply Different CSS Styles Based On Window Size (Responsively) Without Using JavaScript Window Event

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Switching CSS classes or properties based on screen size can be achieved using JavaScript as shown below. But handling such things with JavaScript window resize event is not as efficient to achieve it with CSS. Using Tailwind For example, if we want to create a feature where the child menu opens on mouseenter event and<p><a class="codeytek-read-more" href="">Read More</a></p>

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Imran is a Web Engineer, currently associated with rtCamp. He is also a WordCamp Speaker, Organizer, WordPress Meetup Organizer, and a regular contributor to the WordPress community. He is also a core contributor in WordPress and has a rich experience in Node, React and Laravel. Apart from this, Imran has a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge which led him to start his YouTube channel in 2013, where he teaches Programming on WordPress and Laravel. Openness and inclusiveness is something he dearly loves about the WordPress community.

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