React with WordPress – Workshop

With React and Node, you can make a fast scalable application.
And WordPress REST API opens up a whole new world of possibilities of creating a front-end application in the technology of your choice.

I will be conducting a free ‘React with WordPress’ workshop, where you will learn how to create a React + Node application, using WordPress REST API.

1- Create Front End Application in React
2- Display Posts in React Application using WordPress REST API.
3- Display a single post with the post ID.
4. Create custom endpoints using WordPress REST API
5. Basics of Node and Express.
6- Create Routes on Node server for user login
7- Login a WordPress user on React Application using WordPress REST API, with a token-based authentication ( JWT ).

-Basic knowledge of JavaScript and WordPress.
-Pre-installed Node Js and WordPress.
-Carry laptops if you would like to code along

Useful Links:
Learn React Basics

Wifi and Coffee – on the house

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