Build Fast WordPress Site With Gatsby In 30 Mins

As developers or users, we all are concerned about our site’s performance. ⚡
We sometimes have to face fierce battles ⚔️ to get our sites, just a few milliseconds faster 🕒

Gatsby, a modern blazing-fast static site generator for React.js, is gaining popularity ❤️ because of its performance, developer experience, and ecosystem. It follows Google’s PRPL architectural pattern to boost your website’s performance.

Building your WordPress website with Gatsby is super simple.
Let’s learn how to build a WordPress website with gatsby in 30 mins.

📋 In this meetup, you will learn:

1- Basics of Gatsby
2- Building a WordPress website using Gatsby.
3- How GraphQL is used by Gatsby.
4- Free deployment of your Gatsby website on netlify

Prior knowledge of React or WordPress is not required.
Familiarity with JavaScript is sufficient.

Useful Links: 🔗
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