Using DSLR Camera for Zoom Calls | CamTwist | CamLive

We all know the built in webcams cannot compete with DSLR and we all want to look good on our important meetings and regular zoom calls 😉

In this blog, you will know about how to use a couple of free software like CamTwist and CamLive to allow DSLR into your zoom video input. Please note that this is only for Mac Users. So you need three things:

  1. CamTwist Software
  2. CamLive Software
  3. DSRL USB Cable


  1. Download and install CamTwist Software and CamLive Software
  2. Connect your DSLR with the Cable
  3. Open camera live select CameraLive, you should see your DSLR in CameraLive

4. Now open CamTwist, click on preferences  and select these options

5. Quit CamTwist and restart, and then click on syphon and hit Select

6. Then select Camera Live like so:

7. You can also save your setup

8. If you are using latest version of zoom, they have some security updates, so you need to run this command in terminal

sudo codesign --remove-signature /Applications/

9. Open zoom and you should see CamTwist in there

That’s all folks . Enjoy the DSLR video on your Zoom! 🙂

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