Block Based Themes – Future of Full Site Editing

Since the launch of Gutenberg, we have been enjoying the great experience of Gutenberg. So far we have been able to take benefit of the WYSIWYG – ‘What You See Is What You Get’, inside the post editor. What would it be like to use Gutenberg outside the editor? Would the traditional admin screens like customizer still exist?

WordPress is moving full steam ahead to land full site editing in 2021. What does it mean for end users and theme authors?

In this talk you will learn about what are Block based themes and how you would be able to use the features like Nav menus and widgets outside of post-editing screen. This talk will give you the taste of not only using the Block Based Theme but also a quick demo of how you can build one so easily.
You will know how the power to decide what the front end of the site will look like will ultimately reside in the user’s hands.


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