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April 10, 2022

I Seen your all database video? I can inserted data and image. But Ican’t do display data and image in wordpress page, Sir. Can you Tell me? How I can Display data and Image in wordpress table or page?

Thank you very Much.

Shahinoor Alam

Detail, clear and presented in good voice.

August 27, 2021

I have seen 2 tutorials so far and will continue until I complete all videos. The way Imran explained and his clear voice are easy to understand. Thanks to Imran with all the effort to make these tutorial video.


Interesting and very educational

March 13, 2021

Am a newbie to WordPress. I am trying to learn by doing something ‘practical’ and Imran has not only addressed a problem I had, but he also explained in detail what each line of code is doing. Thank you Imran.


very useful

January 17, 2021

simple and useful course. Sure you could make a lot more complex but for the core functionality it is very good.


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