#3 Create Laravel Project using Valet and run it

Install laravel on valet and run your project on valet

# Install composer first https://getcomposer.org/download/
cd ~
laravel                                     # if laravel is installed already then if will show
composer global require "laravel/installer" #Install laravel globally

cd /Users/imransayed/bash
nano exports.sh
# now add this line of code in exports.sh to define the path
alias laravel=/Users/imransayed/.composer/vendor/bin/laravel;

cd ~/valet
laravel new projectname 

cd projectname
valet park
valet link
# Now your project will be avilable at url  http://projectname.test 

Run mysql on valet

brew install mysql // If its not already install
brew unlink mysql
brew install mariadb

// Run preinstall mysql
brew services start mysql
mysql.server start
mysql -u root -p
password:blank  // Password is blank for valet and for mamp its root

# Once you are logged in to mysql
create database databasename // lets say we name the database as laravel.

# Also to use a workbend you sequelpro for see the data.

# Turn the Schema on and create the database table
php artisan migrate

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