Convert Your WordPress Site Into PWA And Send Push Notifications

As per recent studies ( Comscore ), users spend more time ( 87% ) on the native app compared to the mobile web because native apps are more predictable, they work offline, show notifications and have access to mobile sensors.

However, 78% of the time is spent in the user’s top 3 apps, and the rest of the apps just sit there and eat up the memory.

Mobile web, on the other hand, has a better reach ( 100 visits/ month for an average user ) but does not does have a native-like experience.

In this blog you will learn, how we can combine the capabilities of native apps and the reach of the web, to get the best of both worlds, using Progressive Web Apps with WordPress.

You will also learn about how to send push notifications when a new post is published in WordPress.

If you would like to see the PWA features in action you can open in the mobile web browser and add it to the home screen

If the concept of PWA is new for you. You can watch this WordCamp talk that explains about the basics of PWA.

Convert Your Site Into PWA

In order to convert your site into PWA you can either write your own code in native javascript or if you are using WordPress there are several plugins that are available.

In the below tutorial you will learn about how you can convert your WordPress site into PWA using SuperPWA.

Send Push Notifications

You can also send push notifications automatically when a new post is published using One Signal WordPress Plugins. SuperPWA is compatible with One signal plugin so your users who are using the PWA can receive push notifications. You can also send push notifications direction from One Signal Dashboard.

The above video also explains about how to set it up and gives a demonstration of that as well.

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